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The legal separation and divorce process in Ireland can be complex and, at times, difficult for people to understand. People usually only go through this process once in their lives so they do not have much experience of it and the family law and courts system can seem overwhelming.

The cost element to separating and divorce in Ireland is also a scary prospect for clients.

We have tried to answer the common questions regarding legal separation and divorce in Ireland through our two e-guides:

  • A Guide to Separation in Ireland; and
  • A Guide to Divorce in Ireland.


Q.1 - Are you married?*
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Q.3 - Do you have children?*
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Q.4 - Do you or your partner own a home or any other property?*
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Q.5 - Do you earn over €18,000 per year?*
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Q.6 - Do you or your partner have savings of more than €10,000?*
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We ask the above questions because certain people qualify for assistance from the Legal Aid Board.

If your financial circumstances are such that you are eligible for Legal Aid, then it is worthwhile applying for assistance.

To obtain Legal Aid, you will need to have an annual disposable income of less than €18,000 and disposable assets of less than €100,000.

If you do not qualify for Legal Aid, would like to discuss the options available to you, or you wish to hire a private solicitor, you can engage Liston Family Law to handle your Legal Separation or Divorce.

Liston Family Law does not offer Legal Aid services.