How We Practice Family Law

Initial Consultation

On making contact with Liston Family Law, you will be invited to schedule a face to face meeting or video consultation call through Zoom to discuss your matter. This meeting usually takes approximately 45 minutes to one hour, during which we will take your details and discuss the background to your current situation and the possible ways to resolve it.

Please feel free bring a relative or friend to this meeting if this would make you feel more comfortable discussing your situation.

We charge €220 including VAT for an initial consultation and takes approximately 45 minutes to one hour.

We will advise you on the various legal options available to you and the potential costs.  An initial consultation might be enough for you to manage your family or financial situation but, if not, the various ways in which we can help you progress your case will be explained to you.

Initial consultations can take place at our offices in Limerick, through Zoom or by appointment in your home county.


We will discuss with you the benefit of us writing to your former partner or spouse first before any steps are taken in the legal process. If they engage a solicitor, an agreement can often be reached on many issues. If no response or an unsatisfactory reply is received, we will advise you on the next steps to take.


Your case may be suitable for mediation and we will also discuss this with you.

Mediation is a process whereby you and your partner/spouse meet with an accredited mediator who is an independent third party. They try to help you both negotiate a resolution without recourse to the legal system.

You can avail of family law mediation for free. It is important to note that mediation is not relationship counselling, and the reasons as to why the relationship failed are irrelevant. Mediation is a forum in which you can discuss the issues between you and your partner and try to work toward a solution together. A helpful booklet on mediation can be found on the Legal Aid website.

Solicitors cannot attend mediation with you, but we can assist you by reviewing any financial disclosure made by the other party and advise you on any proposed mediated agreement before you sign.


Where negotiation and/or mediation have failed to satisfactorily resolve your family law matter, we will explain to you how best to proceed and take the next steps in terms of issuing Court proceedings.

If you have already been served with Court proceedings, we can explain the Court process to you and provide our opinion on the possible outcomes. We can prepare your Defence and represent you at the hearing.

We appreciate that attending Court can be a daunting prospect, and legal proceedings should never be entered into lightly. Cases can, however, require Court intervention to be brought to a conclusion.

The Family Law Courts in Ireland adopt a constructive approach and matters are heard in camera meaning your matter will be dealt with privately and confidentially.