Top 5 questions to ask your solicitor when going through a separation

Taking the step to contact a family law solicitor and schedule an appointment can be daunting and for many, the thought of sitting across the table from someone you have never met before, discussing some of the most personal aspects of your life can bring on overwhelming feelings of stress and anxiety. However, if you have picked the right solicitor for you, the first meeting should put you at ease and answer some of the questions that may have been keeping you awake at night. With that in mind, it isn’t a bad idea to come to the meeting prepared and bring your checklist with you. Here are some of our suggested questions for your first meeting with a family law solicitor:

1. What are the different ways to separate from my spouse and am I eligible to apply for a Judicial Separation or a Divorce?
2. What is mediation and is it mandatory?
3. How will custody and access arrangements for our children be determined?
4. What happens to our finances and where do I live?
5. How long does it take to separate and how much does it cost?

Once you have comprehensive answers to the above, you will be in a much better position to decide how you want to proceed. A family law solicitor should be able to answer all of the above in a clear and concise way so that you don’t feel overwhelmed by information or legal jargon. If you leave the consultation and think of a question you forgot to ask, a good family law solicitor will usually offer an email response to one or two outstanding questions following a consultation. If you would like to arrange an initial consultation with us, please contact us via our website or call on (061) 467 392 and we would be happy to help you.