Divorce Solicitors Limerick


When a relationship is in serious difficulty or has come to an end, tension and emotions run high. It can be difficult for the people involved to see the bigger picture and the solutions available to them. Our expert divorce solicitors in Limerick can help guide your through these difficult times.

At Liston Family Law, we don’t believe in finding fault but in finding solutions. Indeed, Irish law operates on the principle of “no-fault” divorce so instead of examining why the relationship ended, we will help you to look to the future and explain the legal options available to you. Legal advice can help you successfully navigate your separation and subsequent divorce.

Divorce Solicitors Limerick

It can be common for people to want to obtain a divorce as quickly as possible.

In order to qualify for a divorce in Ireland, however, certain criteria must be met. These are:

  • one or both of the parties must be habitually based in Ireland for at least one year prior to commencing proceedings;
  • the parties must have lived separately and apart for two out of the previous three years before filing for divorce. Due to financial or other circumstances, sometimes parties remain living together in the family home. This does not prevent you from obtaining a divorce, but the Court will require evidence that the couple were no longer in an intimate and committed relationship; and
  • there is no prospect of the couple reconciling

As divorce solicitors in Limerick, the best interests of the children of a marriage are central to our work. The impact of divorce on children cannot be understated and keeping the impact on them to a minimum is a big factor in why Liston Family Law encourages our clients to exhaust options outside of Court before involving the legal system.

We encourage clients to attend mediation and are happy to assist you through that process as best we can if it is something that you feel might benefit your individual situation.

Sometimes, however, the parties simply cannot agree, and the Court is needed to come to a resolution. Liston Family Law will help you to secure a settlement that is best for both you and your family or, if needs be, provide strong and diligent representation for you before the Court.

Why choose Liston Family Law as your Divorce Solicitors in Ireland

Our divorce solicitors in Limerick have a depth of experience dealing with cases in the Circuit Courts around Ireland including Dublin, Meath, Kerry, Tipperary, and Clare.

Liston Family Law will help you to understand the family law system in Ireland and represent and guide you in a professional and friendly manner.

For more information on our separation and divorce solicitors Limerick, Clare or Tipperary, please contact our office today.