How much does a Divorce cost in Ireland?

How Much Does Divorce Cost in Ireland

So how much does a divorce cost in Ireland? The answer varies depending on your circumstances. It is a bit like asking how much is a new car? As a Family Law Practice, a key consideration for us at Liston Family Law is cost. What should we charge our clients?

Of course, cost is a key issue for our clients also.

A simple Google search of ‘how much divorce costs in Ireland’ shows there isn’t a straightforward answer, and, in fact, many firms don’t even offer a price guideline.

At Liston Family Law, we want to provide quality, professional legal advice as well as offer high service standards. For you, our potential client, we understand the worry that comes with not knowing how much your legal matter might cost you. We believe that you should at least have a rough idea of what it may cost.
With that in mind, below is a guideline of potential legal fees that you might incur.

Fees depend on:

  • How complex is the matter?
  • Is there a large amount of financial disclosure to request and review?
  • How many trips to Court does it involve? This will largely depend on the other side and whether steps need to be taken on your behalf to move the matter along.
  • How long it takes to finalise it?
  • Is it settled in or out of Court?

A judicial separation or a divorce on consent, that is where the parties come to an agreement on all issues between themselves and a Court essentially signs off on the agreement (provided that it is satisfied proper provision for both parties has been made in the agreement) and grants a judicial separation or divorce, should cost in the region of €2,500.

If either party has a pension (or pensions), a Pension Adjustment Order must be obtained from the Court for each pension. These will incur an additional fee as extra work is required as well as a separate Court attendance. Fees in this regard are usually around €1,000 per Order but if complex pensions are involved then barrister fees will also apply.

For a contested judicial separation or divorce, fees can be anywhere from €7,500 upwards of €20,000. Where your matter will fall on the scale depends on the complexity of the family finances and how entrenched both parties are in their position on custody, money and the family home.

Below are some of the issues that arise which result in higher legal fees:

It is common for a party to bring a Notice of Motion during divorce proceedings if the other side has failed to file an appearance or a defence as required by the Court.

If one party believes the other side has not fully disclosed financial information, they can request discovery from the other party. If not received, or if unhappy with what is disclosed, you can apply to the Court for a discovery order. A motion in relation to discovery can be complex to prepare and argue. Depending on how complicated the
matter is, it is possible Counsel would need to be instructed in which case those fees would be in addition to your solicitor’s fees;

If you need an interim Court order for maintenance or access. Generally, Motions in the Circuit Court will cost you between €800 and €2,500 with the potential for a barrister’s fees also.

If your matter can be settled outside of Court before a hearing, then your fees will be lower.

This should be incentive enough for both parties to try to resolve their issues through mediation and/or settlement talks.

The cost of a full Court hearing is upwards of €3,000 per day as your solicitor and barrister both prepare for and attend the hearing.

Divorce is not cheap, and parties should make every effort to reach an agreement before a Court hearing.

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The above prices are intended to be a guideline only. Fees will differ depending on the circumstances of each case. All prices shown above are subject to VAT at 23%.